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What’s New in the Campaign Finance Program

There have been exciting changes to New York City’s landmark Campaign Finance Program designed to diminish the role of big contributions in city elections and increase the availability of public financing to candidates for city office. Approved by voters in the 2018 Charter revision and expanded by the City Council in 2019, these changes.

  • increased the matching rate on contributions from New York City residents
  • increased the maximum matchable amount for citywide offices
  • lowered the contribution limits
  • increased the amount of public funds candidates may receive per election
  • made public funds available as early as December of the calendar year preceding the election year

Note: The Campaign Finance Act requires that contribution and expenditure limits be adjusted every four years based on changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The public funds maximums and caps are based on the expenditure limit, so they are also be adjusted. These new limits and maximums are reflected on this page and will be applicable for the entire election cycle.

Public Funds Matching Rate

Office Matching Rate Amount Eligible for Match Per Contributor Maximum Public Funds Per Contributor
Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller $8-to-$1 $250 $2,000
Borough President, City Council $175 $1,400

Maximum Public Funds Payment

Office Primary Election General Election
Mayor  $7,050,667 $7,050,667
Public Advocate, Comptroller $4,408,000 $4,408,000
Borough President $1,586,667 $1,586,667
City Council $184,000 $184,000

Contribution Limits

Office Participants Non-Participants
Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller $2,100 $3,700
Borough President $1,600 $2,650
City Council $1,050 $1,600

Timing of Payments

The first public funds payments are made as early as December 15th in the year before the election.