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Campaign Finance Reports

See who’s running for office, registered political committees, and view information about candidates’ fundraising, disclosure, and compliance.

Candidate List

Candidates must register with the CFB before they begin to disclose their fundraising and spending. Office sought and participation in the matching funds program is provided as available.

Daily Pre-election Disclosure

During the 14 days before an election, candidates must report large contributions and expenditures within 24 hours.

Doing Business Summary

Contributions from individuals doing business with the city are strictly limited. The CFB reviews each candidate’ibutors against the Doing Business Database (DBDB) to determine compliance with the limits.

Late/Missing Disclosure

Candidates are required to file complete and timely disclosures on scheduled dates.

Registered Political Committees

Candidates in the matching funds program cannot accept contributions from political committees unless the committee registers with the CFB, provides information about its leadership, and affirms it will not use money from prohibited sources (i.e. corporations) for contributions to candidates for covered office.

Statements of Need

Payments of matching funds are capped at 25 percent of the maximum until participating candidates demonstrate a need for full financing, in order to limit disbursing public money to candidates facing minimal opposition.