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To safeguard public dollars and ensure compliance with the law, the CFB conducts rigorous audits for all candidates. Most enforcement actions are issued after the election.

Final Audits/Final Board Determinations (FARs/FBDs)

The CFB audits each campaign before, during, and after an election. See each campaign’s final audit report and final board determinations regarding violations and penalties, by election cycle.

Outstanding Penalties & Repayments

After the audit process, some campaigns are assessed penalties or are required to repay public funds to the city. Candidates who have failed to satisfy their outstanding penalties or public funds repayments may not receive public funds for future elections.

Registered TIEs

Candidates who win their election may not spend campaign funds on expenses related to taking office. To raise money for transition and inauguration expenses, elected candidates must form and register a Transition & Inauguration Entity (TIE).

TIE Determinations

The CFB reviews each TIE to ensure it is complying with the law and rules, and can assess penalties if they are found in violation of the rules or law.

Final Determinations Involving Independent Spenders

The Board assesses penalties against independent spenders when they are determined to be in violation of the rules or law.