Campaign Finance Act

The Campaign Finance Act is part of the NYC Administrative Code and established the CFB and the Campaign Finance Program. The Act prescribes the operations of the CFB, the administration of the Program, and the requirements governing candidates for covered office.

NYC Charter

The CFB was added to the Charter by public referendum in November 1988. The Charter sets forth the CFB’s authority to enforce provisions of the Charter and Act. It also includes the CFB’s voter education and outreach mandate, including publication of the Voter Guide; restrictions on the use of government resources by public servants who are candidates; and disclosure requirements for independent spending.

CFB Rules

The CFB issues rules that explain, clarify and implement provisions of the Act and Charter. The rules cover a broad range of topics including requirements for covered City campaigns, CFB procedures, transition and inauguration activities, independent expenditures, and voter education.

Advisory Opinions (AOs) & Final Board Determinations (FBDs)

The CFB provides additional guidance regarding the provisions of the Act, Charter and CFB Rules in Advisory Opinions and Final Board Determinations. Advisory Opinions and Final Board Determinations can be searched by year, subject, or keyword.

Penalty Guidelines

Candidates are subject to penalties for failure to abide by the requirements of the Act, Charter, and CFB Rules. These guidelines provide the basis for the staff penalty recommendations to the Board for the most common violations.

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

Many types of records are available to the public under the New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). Requests for records must be in writing.

How to File a Complaint

Members of the public who have knowledge of a specific action or lack of action that seems contrary to the rules and regulations regarding campaign fundraising, campaign or independent expenditures, or other activities under the CFB’s jurisdiction may file a complaint with the CFB.